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We are faithful to the tradition of old masters. Our crystal chandeliers are made by hand in the way not-differing significantly from that, which was used by the old artists.

 Our products are carefully made luxurious chandeliers and wall lamps. We use only the highest quality components - the original crystals
SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS, classic crystal i rock crystal . It is the most outstanding crystal in the world. Manufactured in the Austrian Alps, famous for its irreproachable glitter and clear as mountain streams. It is characterized by precision and perfection of the made cuts. Thanks to a specially used protective coating, it is less susceptible to dirt and its maintenance is easier. 

All our products are identified by a label MADE WITH
SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. We deliver a certificate of originality with a serial number together with our luxury products. The crystals SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS have also a hologram confirming the authenticity.

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Jesse Aron Green on his show THE Allies at the Centre for Contemporary Art exhibitions used as part of the crystal chandelier made by our "the allies" as suggested by the artist. For part of the exhibition was used crystal Swarovski ® Elements supplied by us.

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