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Weisberg is a company with tradition, involved in the production of crystal chandeliers and wall lamps. We want to create the things of the highest quality. We have the ambition to provide our customers with something more than only a product - with the possibility of living with the beauty. Hence, we take care of every detail. Our goods are handicraft products made from high quality materials.

Crystal is a fascinating material. The work with it and the study of its secrets are extremely exciting. Therefore it is in Weisberg that we approach everything we do with reverence.

Our experience allows us to make special chandeliers and wall lamps on request. We have already got a reputation and recognition. We are pleased to say that we cooperate with the world leader in the industry of crystal - Swavorski company. . 

We know that customers expect the highest quality and perfection while choosing crystal chandeliers and wall lamps. We are providing our customers with the certainty that our products are unique and 100% original, because they have a special certificate and bear the appropriate hologram.

The values of our company are based on three pillars:

The crystal - the basis of our work, only the highest quality

The continuation - we rely on the achievements of the old master of the craft

The advantage - thanks to the good management, our customers can acquire handicrafts at a good price

The company is seeking business partners.
Contact: office@mweisberg.com
Mariusz Weisberg


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Jesse Aron Green on his show THE Allies at the Centre for Contemporary Art exhibitions used as part of the crystal chandelier made by our "the allies" as suggested by the artist. For part of the exhibition was used crystal Swarovski ® Elements supplied by us.

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